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Welcome to Datarizer Inc. website

Datarizer Inc. is company specialising in developing Databases applications accessible through the internet, call them cloud applications. Most of the software applications developed uses MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server as backend databases. It is now possible to code powerful software solutions that runs on the internet completely unplugged from the web browser and behaves exactly like Google earth.

Datarizer Inc. also consult on business processes to ensure that business processes are supported by good software applications (systems).

Years of experience in Plant Engineering, Plant Operations, Plant Maintenance and Software development enables Datarizer Inc. to design and develop good and simple business processes and systems for companies and individuals.

Today's business processes, supported by good interlinked systems must be able to perform on a global level disregarding one's location. Ones location should not matter when it comes to performing one duties. Information must be accessible from anywhere as long as one has the device to access this information. The internet has made this possible and companies can be effective and productive. The new network is the internet which links everything and everyone.

If you are looking for a system (application) which is accessible from anywhere, with data stored in the best databases (MySQL and Oracle), search no further. MySQL and Oracle are the best databases in the world. Databases provides the most secure form of data storage.

Take a look at some of Datarizer Inc. Software Products and Services.

Software technology should be about Data and Interface management in a commercial sense, else it is valueless.

Company Registration number: 2013/051175/21

It is all about Data and Interface management.